Über Tapir

Tapir has been made with love by SuperCoop Berlin members.

The source code and list of contributors is available on GitHub : https://github.com/SuperCoopBerlin/tapir

We're always very happy to hear your feedback, suggestions, ideas... You can write us in the #tapir channel of the SuperCoop Slack.

Letzte Änderungen
    • Software license now APGL.
    • Shift statistic page for all members.
    • Generalize custom buttons for User, members and dates.
    • Responsive design.
    • Add filter to logs to make it more readable.
    • Small bugfixes, such as "Fixed some ShareOwner filters outputing the same member several times.".
    • Much more, such as more payment-filters for management and improved translations.
  • 08.06.22
    • Capabilities shown in shift view with qualification icon.
    • Accouting gets copy of membership confirmation emails.
    • Handling cheese.
    • Shiftmanagement and custom capabilities by others than admin.
    • Track incoming payments.
    • Package dependencies updated, small bugixes such as avoid negative attendencies.
  • 30.04.22
    • Now it's allowed to have a Co-shopper.
    • The calendar is dynamic and printable and has a new look
    • Financing campaign.
    • A lot of changes in backend and to check on members and their shifts.
  • 09.12.21
    • On the shift page, next to each slot, show cancelled and excused attendances.
    • Allow editing of shift attendances after they have been set.
    • Allow members to mark themselves as looking for a stand-in up to 2 days before the shift.
    • On the shift page, next to members looking for a stand-in, show when they started looking for one.
  • 21.11.21
    • Updated shift filters in the shift calendar page.
  • 13.11.21
    • Send reminder emails on sundays for members that have a shift in the following week.
  • 09.11.21
    • Added a special member search for the welcome desk that only shows the relevant information.
  • 15.10.21
    • Track payments in members (was previously only tracked for applicants).
    • When creating a member from an applicant, allow giving them more than one share.
    • Show user permissions on the user detail page.
    • Added matching program.
    • Added shift exemptions.
  • 09.10.21
    • When a member misses a shift, they get an automated email informing them that they should contact the member office and do 2 make-up shifts.
    • When a member looks for a stand-in for their shift and another member takes over, the member that was looking for a stand-in gets an automated email.
  • 03.10.21
    • Updated translations.
  • 26.09.21
    • Added the "Excused" option for shift attendance.
  • 19.09.21
    • The shift overview and ABCD shift overview page now load faster.
    • Added filters to the shift overview pages.
  • 17.09.21
    • Added an info symbol on all elements that show a tooltip on hover.
    • Added a new filter to the member list page to filter by ABCD week the user is registered to.
    • Added a page with the list of all changes to a user's shift account. On that page is also a button to change that shift account manually.
  • 16.09.21
    • Added the stand-in system. Slightly updated the shift page design.
  • 14.09.21
    • Added a button for each day in the "upcoming shifts" page that gives a printable version of all shifts in that day.